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In 2005 AEM Ltd was awarded the contact to install the BEMS system in the Office building known as Fairmount House in Leatherhead. The building was to undergo an extensive refurbishment and following completion Surrey County Council was to take over the site.

The project was completed on time and the Client was able to take over the building on schedule. Following the completion of the project AEM Ltd continued with the ongoing maintenance of the BEMS system liaising with the clients personal and providing training an a ongoing basis.

The contract for the BEMS, which AEM undertook, included the follow works: -

Installation of a Trend 963 Supervisor and graphic’s package to provide a fully configurable interface to the building air conditioning system.

Refurbishment of the existing roof mounted Control panel. This element of works included the installation of a Trend IQ151 outstation and soft start inverters. The 96-point outstation was installed to control and monitor all the equipment located within the plant room providing cost effective software strategies to minimise the energy consumption whilst providing comfort conditions within the building. The 11Kw and 15Kw Inverters were installed to replace the existing starter equipment, thereby providing soft start and energy efficient operation of the Main AHU fans. The outstation and inverters were networked to the Trend 963 supervisor.

96 sets of controls were supplied and installed on the fan coils before delivery to site. The controls package included cooling valves, temperature sensors, automated speed control of the fan motors and current monitoring relays to provide an alarm on the motor failure. Once installed on site the fan coil controls were networked back to the Trend 963 supervisor enabling user adjustment of settings.

Two purpose built control panels complete with smaller Trend outstations were supplied and installed; the first was located in the chiller compound and interfaced with both the existing and new chillers. The second panel was installed in the basement comms room and provided the controls interface for the ancillary AHU and Air conditioning systems in addition to providing fault monitoring of the UPS system.

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